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Small Hiatus

by caramel-kitteh on June 7, 2021
Next month I will be taking a break...I should have mentioned that I had surgry back in April and the bills are a bit crazy...So I gotta catch up on some commissions this month and part of next month. Hopefuly, I'll get most of them done this month...ALSO next month is my wedding anniversary. Don't have anything planned at the moment...

Comic should resume in August if things go well! Sorry!


Guest November 2, 2021
Late as this is to be said, congratulations, and I hope you're taking all the time you need to recover as you go about rebuilding the life slash work balance. Surgeries can knock you for a loop and the recovery can take time. I've no interest in seeing you hurry. Resume the comic after the new year, so you don't have to deal with the chaos of more than Christmas stuff around yourself. I've said all I want. You take care of yourself.
caramel-kitteh November 4, 2021
Thank you! I'm totally ok for the most part now! It will be hard to work on the comic during the holiday season, but I'm gonna try! Mainly during my current vacation. When this chapter is over, it'll be going on another break.