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New Comic Avatar!

by caramel-kitteh on January 20, 2022
Man, I need to update this blog thing...Totally forgot it was a thing! Anyway, I had a new avatar made for the comic and I'm SO HAPPY how it turned out!

There are two versions. The one on the right is the full version but wouldn't fit because the size is too big. The left is the simple one that we're going with, which is still just as nice!

My friend TsunamiDusher is the one who did them. He's amazing!

Small Hiatus

by caramel-kitteh on June 7, 2021
Next month I will be taking a break...I should have mentioned that I had surgry back in April and the bills are a bit crazy...So I gotta catch up on some commissions this month and part of next month. Hopefuly, I'll get most of them done this month...ALSO next month is my wedding anniversary. Don't have anything planned at the moment...

Comic should resume in August if things go well! Sorry!

Happy New Year!

by caramel-kitteh on January 1, 2021
Last year was..ROUGH and killed my mood to work on my comic. Though toward the end of last year, I feel the urge to start up again! Hopefully soon there will be new pages. I have a lot that I want to do!

Taking a Break

by caramel-kitteh on May 3, 2020
Life has been a bit rough lately and I haven't be able to work on any new strips in while. So MB will be taking a break. I don't know how long sadly but most likely when things calm down...Wheeeenever that is...It'll be back though! I have so much planned for the comic!

Comic Update

by caramel-kitteh on December 3, 2019
The comic will be updated on wednesdays, BUT I wont torture everyone who has read it from Smack Jeeves. I'll be posting a bunch of pages between now and probably January or so. My comic IS on hiatus, but I'm just gonna be posting what's gone up before :D

Another new home for Monkey Bread

by caramel-kitteh on November 24, 2019
Monkey Bread's old home is making some lame decisions, so we're gonna set up shop over here soon!